Monday, September 28, 2009

Tessellation Revision

Here's my tessellation with a little pen and ink work added to it. I also changed the color of the horns to mimc the color scheme of the dog and make the pattern of the two blend in that moment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tessellation Station

Here is my tessellation project with color added. I've been working in Photoshop on this one fixing it up.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Metaphors

Here are some metaphors from articles, music, and literature:

1. The O.J. Simpson courtroom had become a war zone, with witnesses caught in the crossfire.

Target: Simpson courtroom
Source: a war
Ground: extremely active, volatile, both have a "battle" going on
Tension: war has bloodshed, death and little order while courtroom usually has a little order to it

This statement makes the scene seem very fiery and that conflict and disagreement were raging in the courtroom. It shows how tempers flared and things probably got disorderly. It makes the scene seem more frenzied and hectic.

2. A "couch potato"

Target: lazy person
Source: a spud
Ground: docile, dull, lifeless
Tension: a potato is a vegetable that eventually is put to productive use while a lazy bum is just a human on auto pilot.

This aesthetically gives you the vision of a no-good, lifeless slob. It paints the picture of a fat man with his hairy belly showing, chip crumbs in the crevices of his man boobs and a blue glow lighting him from the television.

3. The World is a Gutter (Enuff Z'nuff, 1991)

Target: society
Source: sewage system
Ground: poor conditions, stingy, gutters are full of "crooks" (rats)
Tension: there are some actual pleasant places in society

This gives the post-apocalyptic feel of a Kurt Vonnegut novel minus the humor. You picture the slums of a 60 Minutes special, the scenes from COPS, and the children from those Feed the World commercials.

4. The rain came down in long knitting needles.

Target: raindrops
Source: knitting needles
Ground: thin, sharp
Tension: knitting needles are solid, raindrops are liquid, rain can't hurt you (in individual doses) like a needle's prick

This makes the rain seem more angelic, almost like ballet dancers landing from a jump except these drops probably have a sting to them as rain sometimes does as it hits you.

5. Time is money.

Target: Time
Source: Money
Ground: valuable, precious
Tension: One holds material value while other is valuable towards tasks and a higher purpose. Money is alos tangible while time isn't.

This makes the value of our time relatable to something we actual put value in: money. It conceptually makes our time on earth more precious and makes us want more.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Visual Metaphors

artwork by Thomas Fuchs
Target: next US President's relation with Europe
Source: Bucking Bronco
Ground: very hostile ties, extreme tension
Tension: Bucking bronco is simply a competition while Presidential relations are a world affair that can have dangerous effects on global situations
Type: Fusion

This metaphor shows just how dangerous current President Obama's actions towards Europe are. It shows how one false move can have the US losing all support from Europe. It also adds a very fevored pace towards action needing to be taken to save ties between the US and Europe.

artwork by Wesley Bedrosian
Target: Casino goers
Source: Screwdriver/screw
Ground: A screw is literally screwed into something, as casino get cheated out of money.
Tension: Screwdriver is a tool that helps build things while casino's destroy many people's financial situation.
Type: Fusion

This metaphor really shows just what kind of hold the suits that run casinos have on their visitors. The force of being slowly wound into the ground shows visually how casinos eat away at people's finances and usually leave them left for broke. It makes the casino seem like an evil, slow machine of depletion.

artwork by Thomas Fuchs
Target: Fisherlure
Source: Dollar sign
Ground: similar shape, both can be used as bait
Tension: fishing lure attracts fish, dollar sign attracts the greedy
Type: Replacement

This image shows the luring quality of money. The dollar sign as a fishing lure reverses the role of the lure, making it look appealing to the man fishing, who would thus drop the fish (i.e. give up fishing) and run toward the dollar signs.

artwork by Nigel Buchanan
Target: Investors
Source: Dog
Ground: protective, have hiding places for valuables
Tension: Investors hold money in stocks and accounts, dogs bury their valuables. Investors are more methodical, while dogs are very scrappy.
Type: Replacement

This image shows how hard times have come for investors. It shows how they are scrambling to hide their money anywhere where it won't be sucked away from them from a struggling market. The dog's quick digging actions give investors a sort of primal instinct of protection in these troubling times.

artwork by Thomas Fuchs
Target: Credit Crisis
Source: Guillotine
Ground: foreboding, present at the height of chaotic revolution
Tension: guillotine is tool of death, credit is a tool of debt
Type: Fusion

The guillotine adds an evil shadow over the credit crisis (as if it wasn't scary enough already). It shows how "deadly" all this risky investing that caused the market to spiral out of control was and still is. It also adds the tension of at any moment that blad dropping and the entire global economy collapsing before our eyes.

artwork by Kagan McLeod
Target: Women exercising
Source: exercised demons
Ground: release of stress, boost of self-esteem,
Tension: Exercise helps boost physical health, exorcism helps boost mental health
Type: Juxtaposition

This image shows how much good exercise can do for the body. It plays off the word "exercise," showing not only that exercise makes you look better, but it makes you feel better. It is a mental and physical health boost. It makes exercise appear like a two for one deal.

artwork by C.F. Payne
Target: The Fat Man (AKA Santa Claus)
Source: NASCAR crew chief
Ground: leader of their respective groups, have to make a team work efficiently, both involved in vehicles
Tension: Santa delivers gifts and is associated with the North Pole, NASCAR drivers ride in a circle 500 times and are associated with the deepest parts of the South
Type: Fusion

This makes Santa look like the greatest crew chief in the world. The added pit crew member making sure the sleigh is ready is a nice touch. It shows how much work goes into delivering presents in one night, and I love the added sponsorships, which I believe show how commercial Christmas has become.
artwork by Thomas Fuchs
Target: Expensive Football Stadiums
Source: Dollar sign
Ground: Built off greed
Tension: Greed isn't tangible, while an expensive stadium is
Type: Fusion

This metaphor shows how just how expensive football is, specifically the stadiums. It covers the whole thing, from concept, to construction, to putting people in the seats. It's all expensive. Football is the most expensive professional sport to see in this country, and the dollar sign seats make that clearly evident.
artwork by Nigel Buchanan
Target: Office workers
Source: Sparrow
Ground: Short attention spans, easily distracted, simple-minded
Tension: Office workers come in a variety of skill sets, whereas most sparrows run on instincts. Also, office workers can't fly.
Type: Replacement

This metaphor makes evident how distracting the workplace is for the average office worker today. The sparrow, an average bird, is easily distracted by the worm off to the side, just like an office worker who checks his Facebook and updates his Twitter 200 times a day because Microsoft Excel is boring him to tears. It gives a face to the idea of a short attention span. It also simplifies an office worker to being nothing more than a common sparrow.
artwork by Robert Neubecker
Target: Job Applicant's Information found online
Source: Police search
Ground: Invasive, Revealing
Tension: Police search is physical whereas online search is all information based
Type: Replacement

This metaphor adds a personal feel to companies searching through applicants' online information. It shows how your information on Facebook and sites like that can be used against you like anything found on you in a police search. It is a very dangerous thing to be caught with stupid photos or racy comments on a site.

Tesselation Idea

This is an idea for my tesselation project. It's the second version of my commentary on Favre overshadowing Vick's return in the NFL, this time represented by the very happy Viking having shut up the dogs:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Predators logo with initial colors

Here's some initial colors I've laid in on my Predators concept. I've been cleaning it up in Photoshop. I'm gonna take the pen tool to it soon to sharpen up the edges and try and get a real clean finish before I start detailing the letters.