Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 UTC Football Poster

For the third year in a row I had the pleasure of creating the schedule poster for UTC football (here are the links to the posters from 2012 and 2011). The theme for this season is "Tried & True Blue" so the poster takes its overall blue tone from that. I let the blue on the players' jerseys shine through and also gave them a few rough blue photo effects to enhance their look a little bit. I carried the rugged look into the beat up steel plate of the schedule section on the bottom half of the piece, doing a little bit of an arched schedule to go along with the shape of the background as well. As usual, I had a blast creating this piece, and I am currently working on the media guide covers to compliment it. Be on the lookout!

Southern Miss Fan Infographic

How awesome are Southern Miss fans? Here's how awesome...
It has been way too long since I have posted some work on the old blog, but I finally have a minute to bring this puppy up to date. I wanted to start with one of the more challenging projects I had to work on over the past month. As I mentioned on my first infographic I did earlier this year, I believe these projects are some the toughest to complete. There are so many directions to go in and somewhere in the swamp of information you have to find a way to clarify everything.

With this project, the answer started to show itself once I started grouping the different statistics. Ticket sales and donors dealt with money going towards the school, so they worked together as a pair. The website and social media statistics showed fan interaction on the internet, so they obviously then were paired. That left the registered alumni which worked well on its own, especially when the idea of using the states in that section to showcase all the different places Southern Miss alum settle.

As for the long vertical layout, I wanted to this piece to reveal itself piece by piece. It is divided into the 3 sections, and I wanted each to have their own little moment along the way. I then really wanted something at the bottom for the fans because without them, none of these stats would have even been possible. Therefore, a simple "Thank You Fans!" caps the whole piece off, letting them know just how awesome they are.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smokies Program Ad and Youtube Channel Art

Above is a little versatility in advertising. I recently wrapped up an ad for the Tennessee Smokies that will appear in the Tennessee Valley Fair program this year. I loved the idea of using a city scape of Knoxville to the mountains as the bar to hold the info at the bottom of the page and I think it turned out really well...

...and then we needed new channel art for our YouTube page. I thought this design also worked well there as it transferred very well to the horizontal format and still kept the simple tagline.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tennessee Smokies Knoxville Opera Ad

Above is a fun little project I got to work on for the Smokies. The team got an ad in the Knoxville Opera's program and I had the challenge of coming up with an awesome generic ad to promote our team. I saw this really cool style of the heavy outlined graphic like you see above while surfing the internet and thought this would be a good project to try it out on. The paper texture outline works in harmony with the deep rich background to make the piece a cohesive unit.