Monday, November 11, 2013

UT-Chattanooga 2013-14 Wrestling Media Guide Covers

Front Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Back Cover

A couple weeks ago I wrapped up another project for UT-Chattanooga athletics, this time for their wrestling team. I had the pleasure of creating the covers for their 2013-14 media guide for this season. The theme I had run throughout each of them was the metallic title bar, that I now see kind of resembles a stylized boxing/wrestling championship belt. Happy accident, I guess. In my original layouts the bottom half of the front cover was blue instead of gold, but they decided to go with the gold to vary the look a little more between the front and back cover. Overall it was a neat project to work on, especially since I'd really never done anything for a wrestling team before. I was very pleased with the turnout, and hope the team does well this season!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Southern Miss Social Media Graphics

It's a busy time down in Hattiesburg, and one of the ways they have been getting the message out about all that is happening in athletics is through some of the above social media graphics. I've been creating these graphics for the past few weeks to help promote a variety of athletic events on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I love that these graphics give a little life to the regular social media post. The addition of the players make them human and connect the fans to the student-athletes. The graphics also allow me to get creative with the display of the game day information, adjusting the line height so that it just runs together. I feel that helps draw the eye to that information and the coloration then helps create a hierarchy. If you check the Southern Miss social media pages frequently, you'll be sure to catch a few more pieces of my work on there.