Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early Stages of Nashville Predators Concept

So this is the early stage of a concept illustration I'm working on. It's a reworking of the Nashville Predators script logo. I'm a huge hockey fan and luckily we do have a team here in Tennessee. I actually started this sketch in a plane bound for Las Vegas then got back to the Bluff City and inked it. I hope to be adding color and polishing it up in the near future.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Topic 6: Memphis Tigers Stripped of 2007-2008 Season Stats, Final Four Appearance

On August 20th the NCAA stripped the Memphis Tigers basketball team of their 2007-2008 season, which included an NCAA record 38 wins and a runner-up finish in the NCAA Tournament. The ruling came because of the ineligibility of (at the time) freshman Derrick Rose, now with the NBA's Chicago Bulls, to play that season. It was reported that he did not take his own SAT and that his brother was allowed to fly with the team to away games. This ruling also weakened the Kansas Jayhawks defeat of the Tigers in the 2008 title game.
I love the scenarios surrounding this story. Rose is now in the NBA, rich as can be, so this doesn't really affect him. John Calipari is now at the University of Kentucky, but this makes this twice that a Final Four appearance has been stripped from his records, another being with UMass in 1994. Now his resume has two big stains on it, and he carries that baggage with him to one of the most prestigious schools in NCAA basketball. And then there is U of M basketball, with an unproven coach (Josh Pastner), guys transfering left and right, committing to new schools, and a big blot on their prestige. They really have gotten the short end of the deal, and they're left trying to keep up their new found prestige with a group of unproven players, a Kansas school angered by a tarnished victory, and a coach that abandoned them when it couldn't get any better in the Mississippi Delta.
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Topic 5: The JoBro/Hannah Montana Obsession

Disney has so wonderfully graced the music world with 2 "artists" that now seem to dominate the charts and the media: Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. Hannah Montana, who sometimes goes by her true name of Miley Cyrus, is the daughter of Billy Ray "Achy Breaky Heart" Cyrus. Both of her albums debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. She also graces television as Hannah Montana as the character of the same name.
The Jonas Brothers released their first album in 2005, but really didn't become huge until they starred in Disney Channel's Camp Rock movie the summer of 2008. That same year they were nominated for the best new artist by the 51st Annual Grammy Awards and won the Breakthrough Artist Award at the American Music Awards. They have released 4 albums through their young career, with their last two, A Little Bit Longer and Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, debuting at #1.
Okay...I will try to avoid profanity in describing my loathing of these two. Everyday you can't get away from it, Cyrus and the Jo Bro's are everywhere! I just can't stand it. It's music without a groove. The groove's been gone from music for the last 13 years and nobody notices it anymore because we've been shrounded by a billion cookie-cutter bands that keep shoving out the same old stuff. At least throughout the 60's, 70's, and 80's most every band had its own distinct sound, its own groove. What I really don't like about these two is that it's all about hooking the audience when it's young. Shroud the good stuff from back of the day and shove a 3-D movie of the Jo Bro's singing "Lovebug" into a 10 year old's face and just keep going. Every song is just a straight, 3 minute single, no groove. Their used to be a sway to rock n' roll which has now been beaten down and brought to a straight "1,2.3,4" beat. At least when punk music did it in the late 70's, early 80's they were trying to make a few statements on society here and there. And also--just as a side note--I'm so glad that damn "Second Chance" song by Shinedown is off the radio. That thing ruined my summer.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Topic 4: The Obsessed Fantasy Football "Player"

Okay, here's the quick rundown of how a traditional fantasy football league works:

1. A "commissioner" starts a league on one of the many sites that let you play fantasy football now and invites friends to come join and play, or one can join a complete random league of consisting usually of around 10-12 players.
2. Once August hits, the fantasy drafts begin. These guys sit down sweating it out rattling off names of the players that will make their team for the season.
3. The season follows the progression of the NFL regular season, with the NFL players' stats counting as points for the fantasy player's "teams" as they charge for the ultimate trophy as Fantasy Football League Champion. was hard to keep my heavy sarcasm out of that dry description, but these people who obsess over fantasy football are hilarious. Especially the guys who really think it's a sport. They are amazing, sitting there planning and replanning their team, shuffling draft picks, deciding on trades, and so on and so on. Okay guys. There's no coaches, no actual games, no playbooks. Hell, there aren't even any cheerleaders. You sit, flipping through your insanely expensive NFL Sunday Pass package on satellite to watch your players rack up stats to be the points for your team. Seriously? Do you guys put this on your resume? I love the groups that rent out the local bar or Hooters to hold their fantasy draft, as if this event really is that important. Please, just stay at home and click the "Pick" button on your computer. It lets the rest of rest a little easier knowing your not polluting the public air space.

Topic 3: Bob Dylan to Release a Christmas Album

Noted singer/songwriter Bob Dylan is set to release his first ever Christmas album entitled Christmas in the Heart on October 13th. However, all of his royalties will be going to benefit the charity Feeding America. He also plans to donate his international royalties to charities throughout Europe. It will be Dylan's 47th album.

I love that this album is finally coming out. A part of me has secretly craved a Dylan Christmas album ever since I became a fan of his. It also just provides endless illustration opportunities, as I can poke fun at so many familiar tunes being done in Dylan's raspy aged voice. I know most people hate the way he sings and has sung throughout his life, but I can't wait to hear this thing; and I'm sure that it'll annoy my fiancee on our trip over Christmas, but oh well ;).

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Topic 2: The Twitter Obsession

Twitter started 2006 as a social networking/microblogging site developed by Jack Dorsey. In February 2009 it was ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site on the internet. It is like Facebook, except stripped of everything except a profile picture and a status update. The updates, or "tweets," can be a max of 140 characters, and all the fellower Twitterers who watch your updates are called your followers.

I really can't stand this site because of just how much information people divulge on it. Everyone thinks they're a superstar, because anybody can set one of these accounts up. They write the most boring random updates and think that random people are spending their days watching all these updates. I remember I had to update my brother's Twitter account frame by frame at a bowling tournament in Vegas over the summer...and he only has 4 followers! As if they're sitting at their computers waiting for the next update to come in. And even the media is using this thing to let random people just post their opinions on worldwide news stories. CNN lets their fans tweet during the show, as do most of the ESPN shows now, and they barely filter what comes in! People just say anything, and so we learn very quickly how bored and uneducated society truly is.

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Topic 1: The Return of Michael Vick

In 2007, Michael Vick, at the time quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, was convicted of running a dogfighting ring out of his home in Virginia and sentenced to 23 months in prison. He was released in May of 2009, and was conditionally reinstated into the National Football League by commissioner Roger Goodell on July 27, 2009. On August 13th, Vick signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles with a team option for next season. The reaction throughout the league and media has been mixed, as many thought Vick should never play professional football again. He made his debut as an Eagle on August 27th in a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

My opinion of the situation is that Vick has paid his dues for what he did and deserves a second chance. Yes, I was angry at him for running a dogfighting ring for five years, but I assume he's learned his lesson. Tony Dungy is one of his mentors now, and that's one strong character to have on your side. If Vick messes up with that man looking after him, then definitely I think his days in the NFL are done. I do, however, enjoy the humor that still surrounds the Vick situation. For instance, there was a report in a Philadelphia paper the day of the signing that read: "Hide Your Beagle, Vick's an Eagle." That's just great.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rest of the 25 Sketches for 100 Circles

100 Circles, 100 Sketches, 25 Make It Here...

For our first assignment we had to do 100 sketches in 100 different colored circles. I found it pretty challenging, and I don't even know if I interpreted the assignment correctly. We'll see. Here are the 25 I liked best.