About Me

I've been interested in art as a career ever since the 8th grade. For some reason I fell in love with drawing around that time. However, I'd loved art as it pertained to sports for years before that. I still remember when the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL and seeing their logos for the first time. Those two jungle cats roaring at me just made me think it would be awesome to do that kind of stuff one day.

Sports have always mesmerized me with their ability to simply wrap you up in their stories and icons. I have so many "I remember where I was when..." moments with sports. Each sport comes with its own unique thrills that can excite your hopes or crush your dreams so quickly. It's that fine line between joy and despair as a fan that attracts me.

I got into the Memphis College of Art and started there in 2007 not really knowing what field I wanted to pursue. I fell in love with the Illustration program there and made that my major my sophomore year. I earned my degree in May 2011 and moved to Knoxville soon after. While there, I was a graphic designer for Image Matters Print and Copy Center before getting an internship with the Tennessee Smokies for their 2013 season. Connections made from that experience moved me up to New Hampshire where I am currently a graphic production assistant at AMI Graphics.