Friday, August 28, 2009

Topic 3: Bob Dylan to Release a Christmas Album

Noted singer/songwriter Bob Dylan is set to release his first ever Christmas album entitled Christmas in the Heart on October 13th. However, all of his royalties will be going to benefit the charity Feeding America. He also plans to donate his international royalties to charities throughout Europe. It will be Dylan's 47th album.

I love that this album is finally coming out. A part of me has secretly craved a Dylan Christmas album ever since I became a fan of his. It also just provides endless illustration opportunities, as I can poke fun at so many familiar tunes being done in Dylan's raspy aged voice. I know most people hate the way he sings and has sung throughout his life, but I can't wait to hear this thing; and I'm sure that it'll annoy my fiancee on our trip over Christmas, but oh well ;).

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