Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rest of First Visual Essay Images

Here are the rest of the images from my first visual essay. The top image comments upon how these teams and their nicknames (however wrong they may be) have helped connect families by giving them a common interest. The middle image is one commenting on both sides of the argument. The proud fan at center is showing how fans "take pride" in their team, and will try and emmulate the mascot. The man at the bottom right is obviously disgruntled because he sees it as a demonizing of his cultural heritage. The third image was created after I read several quotes regarding Native Americans only being able to see the cartoon figures of themselves (as portrayed by logos like Chief Wahoo and such) because of how prevelant they are around them. I think I like that one the most because of its visual metaphor. I will also say that the middle illustration is the most daunting I have ever attempted. It is the heaviest crowd of figures I've ever dealt with.

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