Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Several New U of M Pieces

 Tulane Game Review
 20 Reasons #10-Internship Opportunities
It was a real challenge to create this piece as they wanted me to incorporate all the logos of the companies into the piece somehow. I was brainstorming for this one when I came up with the idea of making the logos shape the "M" in the Tigers logo. I thought it was an interesting solution with a fairly solid turnout
 Coach Congratulations
 Team Congratulations for Undefeated Season
(I know I'm partial to Lombardi quotes, but I'm a Packers fan. What do you expect?)
Tough Season
This piece was one of my favorites from this week. I really spent some extra time looking up inspiration before I got to work this past weekend and I think it helped a lot in adding some new flavor to the pieces like the one above. I went away from the grungy fonts and went for a crisper look on this one and I believe it turned out very well. I had three different versions of the background, this being the one they liked. All in all it is one of my favorite pieces of the season so far, which I am happy to say. As a designer, I always want to keep replacing what I think is my best piece with something newer. It helps you to know you are growing as an artist.

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