Saturday, June 12, 2010

Very Early Rough Concepts for Senior Project

Posted above are some very early sketches of ideas for my senior project. These couple center around my character Foo Foo, as I have been working on developing him a lot recently. The top sketch is a 6 panel strip poking fun at art having to have meaning. It would hang as 6 panels in the gallery as would any regular art work. I just think it would be fun to hang a comic up on a gallery wall like a master painting, just to give the audience a sort of jolt.

The bottom sketch is a 6/9 (undecided) panel strip where Foo Foo tells the audience that the "real" art is hangin' all around him. This is poking fun at how still many people don't think of comics as "real art" or "fine art."

I like the idea of hanging a comic on the wall. I may develop a comic based around Foo Foo for my senior project. I also may try to work with his mallet smashing some controversial theme or something like that. Or I may not use him at all. These are just the early ideas I have.

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