Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scrappy Kids Club February Comic (Sketch)

Here is the sketch of my comic for the Scrappy Kids Club page at Our theme/core value for this month is success in the classroom/dedicated student. Part of the Mocs mantra is to not only be a successful athlete, but a successful student as well, thereby creating the well-rounded student-athlete.

For this comic I went with a story line of Scrappy wanting to go to a very important game but he has to do well on a test to go. I also took Scrappy and morphed him into a kid version of himself (tentatively called "Scrappy, Jr.") so that the kids who read the comic will be able to connect more to him as they read.

It is still in its working stages and we will be discussing if any tweaks need to be made on Monday before I go on to the next phase of making this look all spiffy, sharp, and colorful. Look for more updates in the future!

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