Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mocs Caravan Logo Sketches

Yep, I sketched with the help of the mighty fine people at Crayola and their wonderful 64-pack of wonderfully colored wax sticks...or crayons as we like to call them. These are part of a little revising I'm doing as I create a logo for the UTC Mocs Caravan logo. They are looking for a logo to promote their coaches travels around the South for their respective programs. I have some caricatures already developed and a couple early concepts I haven't posted. These sketches incorporate the new train that is in the UTC logo package. They wanted me to try the sideways version you see at the bottom. I think it looks really cool, but have left it without Scrappy at the wheel or any coach caricatures because that seems to be the best way that concept works. The top concept will have Scrappy leaning out the conductor's spot and the coaches atop the smokestack.

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