Friday, March 18, 2011

Process of Mocs Caravan Logo

It's been a lengthy process making this logo, but as I near completion I thought I would take a moment to show the process in coming up with the final design. Above are the original sketches in my first go-round of ideas for the logo. Some early idea discussion came about of using a bus for the whole caravan theme; however, in my sketches the idea of the train seemed to fit better both with UTC as well as Chattanooga's history. Next, came the inclusion of the coaches, which I tried in two versions, with bodies and without. Through my discussions with the folks at the UTC Athletic Department we decided that showing their full body would work best as I had included some little hints in there as to which sports they coached. From there we then decided to try a version of the new train logo UTC just recently had developed and thus came this next round of sketches:

After this batch was done, it was decided pretty quickly that the 3/4 view was the winner, as it was instantly recognizable as a train whereas the front on view felt a little weird. We also decided to take the text out of the train and move it below (as well as move the coaches down there to) to come up with a 3rd and hopefully final design. With this in mind, I then went in and began work on the final version, and also began to work with the different city names, as "Birmingham" and "Atlanta" present different challenges. And now, I am here:

Here are a couple versions of the final logo. As you can see there is a 5th member in the caricature crew, that being the chancellor of the UTC who we decided to add during the last sketch phase. It has been a fun project, and I am pretty happy with the results. It was fun to delve into caricature work on this one, as well as combining my graphic and cartoon styles into one piece.

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