Sunday, June 5, 2011

Knoxville Ice Bears 10th Anniversary Logo Development (Part 1)

I thought I would take a moment and describe the lengthy and extremely fruitful process that went into making the Ice Bears 10th Anniversary logo. It was quite an extensive project with many edits along the way, but the end result was one of my favorite pieces I've made yet, and one the team was extremely happy with.

I started by thumb-nailing out several options for the logo based on the team's official logo and other 10th anniversary logos I'd seen. Here are those original ideas:

Out of these original 26 I then dwindled it down to four concepts I thought worked best to both harken back to the team's official logo as well as left room to be their own iconic brand. So I then went to sketching those out full-size:

It was then to the magic of Illustrator to turn these into finished concepts (along with a 5th one I developed while completing these):

I then sent these to the GM and Asst. GM of the Ice Bears. We had a conference call about them and decided to take bits and pieces of these designs to head towards a new approach. One that was more circular in nature, so it could work well as a center ice logo and as a jersey patch. That process will be documented in Part 2 of the Knoxville Ice Bears 10th Anniversary Logo Development.

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