Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knoxville Ice Bears 10th Anniversary Logo Development (Part 2)

I ended the last post with my initial five designs I sent to the Ice Bears. After we discussed them, we decided to go with a more circular logo, as it would work well as an ice logo and a jersey patch. I then took bits and pieces of my previous designs to make the ones below:

After I sent these, we decided to try a the next series of edits with the ribbon to the bottom and make it a little more flowly rather than highly stylized. Thus came these versions:

 After I sent these in they were extremely happy with where it was going...we just had one small change left to make. We took the bottom version from above and dropped a "10" in instead of the "X." And thus, you have your official 10th Anniversary Logo for the Knoxville Ice Bears:

It was a long process, but it all came to a very outstanding ending. I am definitely happy with the logo that came out of all the work and I can't wait to see it in use this season. I hope all you Ice Bears fans like it as well! I am glad to be in town to root for the team this season!

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