Saturday, July 7, 2012

Come on down...and meet Skippy!

I've learned something about myself over the years: If your mascot is lime green, then I'm automatically a fan.

I don't know what it is about that color. It must be the perfect mascot color or something. Therefore, I was insanely excited that one of the Indians' affiliates, the Lake County Captains, had such a mascot, Skippy. Obviously, his lime green pudginess was my favorite part of drawing him. However, I must tip my cap to the team branding as well, as I think their logo set is pretty awesome. I love the lighthouse as the "I" in the Captains wordmark. It fits so seamlessly in the logo that it acts as both an "I" and lighthouse simultaneously. Perfection my friends.

(Disclaimer: Representations of team logos appearing on uniforms are there to capture the mascot as close as he/she appears in real life and I'm not claiming those logos as my work. All credit goes to the designers who have created them.)

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