Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Double MiLB Mascot Madness! (Muddy & Orbit)

Not only was it my fiancee's birthday this weekend, but it was also Orbit's. Therefore, I got the above drawing wrapped up in time to celebrate his awesomeness. I use to have a stuffed animal of him from my first Aeros game that I always loved. I was born in Akron so I have always rooted for the Aeros.They have one my favorite logos in sports because of their unique nickname, intense use of color in their primary mark, and the insane italics in their wordmark. It was a lot of fun to put this drawing together.
I also recently wrapped up this drawing of Muddy, the mascot for the Carolina Mudcats. The Mudcats have replaced the former Kinston Indians as the Indians' High-A Affiliate this season. Muddy was fun to draw because it's not every day you see a catfish walking on two legs in full baseball garb. Also, the Mudcats are the only Indians affiliate close to my neck of the woods here in the southeast, so I had to make sure to represent them well in my continuing quest to draw all the Indians affiliate mascots.

(Disclaimer: Representations of team logos appearing on uniforms are there to capture the mascot as close as he/she appears in real life and I'm not claiming those logos as my work. All credit goes to the designers who have created them.)

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