Monday, March 18, 2013

Southern Miss NIT Announcement: Covering Social Media

It has been a busy Sunday for college hoops as March Madness is now in full swing. Both the NCAA and NIT brackets were announced today and it was very exciting to see the Southern Miss Golden Eagles grab a #1 seed in the NIT! As part of this evening's excitement, I was able to help out by getting the message out across their Facebook and Twitter pages. As you can see from the images above, I worked with a layout that could be easily transitioned from one outlet to the next. The Twitter image will also work as a flyer that will be handed out on campus promoting the game on Wednesday.

It was really a neat experience to be involved with a March Madness announcement. It is a pressure packed day for not only the players, but for those of us behind the scenes as well! With Southern Miss being on the bubble, I had to be prepared to go either route with my design, depending on which tournament selected them. Here's to some crazy tournaments and great college basketball the rest of the way!


  1. I'm more happy to see that not only is this blog still around and being used but that your'e doing the kind of work you love doing man. The design looks cool and I'm especially happy about the decision you made to have one of the player's uniform's in color and link it to the text. Awesome.

    Oh and the blog link you've got is no longer good. I'll send you a link to the new one I'm using okay?

  2. For me, being the sports nerd I am, working on this and the other announcements I had to do throughout the team's NIT run was awesome. It was cool to really be a part of all the March Madness!

    Shoot me the link to your new blog and I'll gladly update it man. Thanks!