Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bringing Infographics to Southern Miss

This project was a design first for me: my first infographic. Southern Miss basketball has broken/tied a plethora of records this season and wanted a cool way to show their fans just how strong the program has been. That's where I came in and created this little doodad. For my first go around with one of these, I was very pleased with the outcome, as well with the overall solid response it received on USM's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

I wanted the team and individual records to relate in some way, so I used the same basketball graphic between the two sections. Changing up its use and color scheme between the two helped to delineate the two sections along with the horizontal vs. vertical layout. It was an awesome, challenging experience to put this piece together, and I am sure there will be more on down the road!


  1. Cool infographic man. You and I both did our first infographics this year. Awesome. Yours came out significantly better and I am impressed. I am curious what other ideas you tried out and what didn't make the cut on this though.

  2. The rectangle vs. circle theme was something a doodled in a couple different formats before settling on this one. My biggest challenge was making 6 categories pleasing to look at, as even numbers are a little more stale than odd ones. Therefore, I broke them up into the three team and three individual categories, gave them the two different shapes and voila!