Monday, April 1, 2013

This is Tigertown: An Illustration for Memphis Tigers Football

This was an illustration I did back in January for the Memphis Tigers football team for their summer camp brochure. They wanted to add something to the brochure we did last year and thought the idea of a "collage of Memphis" would be a neat thing to include on the mailing side. I dabbled with a few ideas before stumbling upon using the Hernando de Soto bridge as part of the body of a Gibson guitar. Then the idea of the building collage just basically fit right over it.

I wanted to include the original sketch to go along with the final digital rendition so you could see what all was figured out in the drawing stage and what got ad-libbed when I took it to the computer. The gray shading came as a secondary thought that I think adds a nice second tone to the image, giving it just a smidge of volume. As you can see from the original layout, I didn't have a guitar head in the mind, but it turned out to be the final touch to make this illustration work and really make "TIGERTOWN" feel like the neck of the guitar. It was a fun little project to work on and I was very happy with the result.

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