Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tennessee Smokies Media Guide Covers

The Tennessee Smokies home opener is right around the corner (Wednesday, April 10th) and I recently finished up the media guide covers for the books that will be used this season. This project was a lot of fun for me mainly because I knew how many other people would have their hands on these books and I wanted to make sure they were holding something awesome.

I've been loving carbon fiber as a texture recently so I used that on both sides along with the red bar to add continuity between the two sides. The same relation can be said about how the names and titles on each side are laid out as well. My favorite part of the piece is the diamond shape on the front on top of the shiny silver background. There is a really nice depth created by the shadow around it that lets that area (and the title and players subsequently) pop just a little more.

As mentioned, with the season just around the corner, I have created some new concourse signage well that should be making an appearance on this blog soon!

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