Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Smokies Park Stadium Signage

There's a new look going up around Smokies Park...my signage! The team has been updating the stadium signage this season to reflect new names for certain areas of the park as well as to give the stadium a general facelift. Being the graphic design assistant for the team, I have played a major part in this. You can see several examples of my work below.

I tried to keep some unifying element between all the signage to make sure each sign ties into the next and that they all feel like they belong together. The curly border lines were carried over from the main entrance signs and adapted for use along the baselines. I then stuck with the team's color scheme to once again keep some signage unity.

This has been one of the most full throttle projects I've ever had the chance to work on and there is definitely a part of me that feels lucky to have had the chance to create these signs. With any luck, these signs will be up for years and years and become part of the memories of so many Smokies fans. It is that chance of creating lasting memories that drives every project I do and continues to push me to make each project better than the last.



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