Saturday, August 28, 2010

The State of the Union, Post 2

My favorite piece is this Foo Foo strip I created over this past summer. My main reason? Because it still makes me laugh. Besides that, I think in this piece I actually start to have a grasp on the traditional comics digital coloring style that I have been trying to get into recently. I think the colors work well together, the gradations and textures are subtle yet present; and that the humor, as it should be, is the star of the show. In short, I think it’s my most successful Foo Foo.

The piece that I believe others like most is this photo collage I created in Illustration 4 depicting a scene from the myth of Heracles. I have to say it is one of my favorites as well. I believe they like it because for once I got a lot of different textures to show through in this piece and the values work pretty seamlessly. Also, the composition is very powerful with the Heracles looking into the distance at his former home.

To be honest, the piece above is also the one that surprised me the most. Well, it and the other photo piece I did with it (seen below). This is because I never expected to have so much fun with either of them. I had never worked with photos before in a project, and it was just a real joy to get these results. The thing that shocked me the most was just how easy it was to manipulate them and make them do what I wanted to create some very wonderful affects.

5 Sketches I like as much as my finished pieces:

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