Monday, August 30, 2010

The State of the Union, Post 4

Illustrators Whose Work I Admire:

1. Jeff Smith (Graphix, DC Comics, Cartoon Books)

2. Walt Kelly (Disney Studios, Dell Comics, Hall Syndicate)

3. Pablo Lobato (Rolling Stone, Time, NY Daily News, TV Guide, etc.)

4. Michael Schwab (Nike, MLB, U.S. National Parks, Amtrak, TCM)

5. Patrick Arrasmith (Random House, Scholastic, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, NY Times, Boston Globe)

6. Stephen Bliss (Rockstar Games, MTV, Sony, Pepsi)

7. Stan Gorman (Nissan, Dow Chemicals, Mattel, Virgin Interactive, Disneyland)

8. Jay Stephens (Exclaim! Magazine, Nickelodeon Magazine, Scholastic, Animated Series for NBC and Cartoon Network)

9. John Royle (Marvel, DC Comics, ESPN, GQ, Reader’s Digest)

10. Ian Marsden (MAD Magazine, The New Yorker, Coca-Cola, Universal Music Group, Google)


10 Magazines I Would Like to Work For:
1. The Progressive (Nick Jehlen, Phuoung Luu)
2. Under the Radar (Wendy Redfern)
3. Baseball America (Sara McDaniel)
4. Sports Illustrated (Dominic Aratari)
5. MAD (Sam Viviano)
6. Oxford American (Tom Martin)
7. Esquire (Darhil Cooks, Stravinski Pierce, Soni Khatri, Steve Fusco)
8. Skeptic (Pat Linse)
9. Psychology Today (Katherine Bigelow)
10. The Believer (Heidi Julavits, Ed Park, Vendela Vida)

If I started my own magazine:
This is certainly a tough question. I believe as far as subject matter, it would have to revolve around music. I know that is a broad topic, so I will narrow it down my saying my magazine would focus on delving into music theory, song structures, and the history of songwriting. It is a vast topic that I believe could keep me occupied into eternity. I would love to be a better songwriter, and what better way than to make myself work on it for my entire life?

As far as writers, I wouldn't go for the "edgy" Rolling Stone of Spin type of journalist, but rather approach it from a more scholastic side. I would definitely use songwriting professors and try to get interviews with songwriters who have certainly made a name for themselves in the industry.

As far as appearance, I would probably like it to resemble the look of American Songwriter in terms of color palette. It has what I would call a rustic-modern look to it, sleek yet paying homage to tradition. Therefore, I would probably look for artists who approach their work the same way, combining pristine linework with worn textures. I would of course include some comic strips poking fun at songwriting because it's fun to pull out a corny music joke every once and a while (Don't be flat, be natural! Is this thing on?).

American Songwriter website
10 Non-magazine clients I would like to work for (in no particular order):
Major League Baseball
Green Bay Packers
Nashville Predators
Montgomery Biscuits
Scholastic Books
Whitney English
Crane & Co.
General Mills

Each little group of clients has a different reason for why I chose them. The sports related ones (#1-4) are obviously from my love of sports. The Packers are my favorite sports team, so why wouldn't I want to work for them? As far as the Predators and Biscuits, I chose them because I love their logos and would love to work with manipulations of them as well as designing around them (pics below). I chose Scholastic Books because I believe working on children's books would be a really fun experience. I'll be honest. I enjoy putting a warm, fuzzy feeling into a reader and what better place to do that than in a children's book? Whitney English and Crane & Co. are 2 of the biggest stationery tycoons in the country. I had an internship at a paperie last spring and really loved the chance to combine illustration and graphic design in a single project. I would love to be able to do that for a nationally known company. I then chose General Mills and Kellogg's because their cereal boxes and such are littered with illustrations, usually geared towards children. That area would be another outlet for me to work with childish, humorous illustrations and I think I would enjoy it.

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