Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Smokies Combo Dangler Signs at Smokies Park

A few more signs of mine have been hanging up at Smokies Park over the past couple homestands. The team recently introduced three combos to the concessions menu, and there needed to be a way to advertise them to our fans.

When I began designing these dangler signs, I recalled the look of circus attraction signs and trying to make these combos become the "attractions" of the concessions stands. Because of that thought process, I turned to the most basic of all color triads: red, yellow, and blue. Since red and blue are already a part of the team's color scheme, I knew I wanted to include them and then use the golden yellow area to let the info about the combos stand out. This basic color scheme is also a pretty good staple of many the fast food chain and really does a nice job of drawing attention to itself. I kept the background behind the food white because I really wanted the viewer's taste buds to beat their eyes to the piece and draw them to their potential orders.

Overall I really enjoyed working on these pieces and they became a nice set. The next time your at one of the Smokies main concessions stands, be sure to look up to see these delicious options!

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