Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memphis Tigers Football 2013 Season Invite

As I stated in my last post, college football season is right around the corner, and everybody is gearing up.

For the Memphis Tigers, I once again had the chance to design their season invitation that is sent out to recruits and coaches for them to catch the team in action at the Liberty Bowl. It is a project I always look forward to and I believe that this year's is one my best pieces I have done not just for them, but overall as well. The desaturated gold background really lets the Tiger blue pop off the page. By boxing in the games in a vertical layout in the center of the page, I both highlighted the games as a whole as as well as individually, with each box giving each game its own moment. I then created a frame around the schedule to kind of hold the eye in place by flanking the schedule with two action shots on the left and right, the main title at the top, and the necessary information for players or coaches at the bottom. As always, it was a fun piece to create, and I certainly hope it brings many recruits out to the Liberty Bowl this season.

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