Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Southern Miss 2013 Volleyball Poster

As I continue getting my blog up to date I wanted to share a project I wrapped up for Southern Miss about a month ago. I had the opportunity to work on the schedule poster for the Golden Eagles volleyball team this year and I was very pleased with the turnout.

I tried something new with my title treatment on this poster, going for an indented marble stone look on "Volleyball." I think it turned out very well and the small inner shadow on it makes that area work. The golden flares were a design element put in both for show and to create a holding place for the schedule at the bottom. I plan on trying to incorporate them into the other Southern Miss posters I work on this year as a connecting theme throughout them.

I was also pleased with the secondary title at the top with the "Rise to the Top" tagline that is the mantra of Southern Miss sports this year. By turning the opacity down on it and letting it fade into the background a little, I made sure the viewer's eye was drawn to the brighter title at the bottom and the player photos directly above.

This piece came together very well and I really couldn't be happier with the turnout. Be on the lookout for a post on the printed version in the near future.

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