Friday, September 20, 2013

UTC Baskeball 2013-14 Schedule Posters

Even though football has barely gotten into full gear, I've been hard at work cranking several designs promoting the upcoming college basketball season. Two of them that I recently wrapped up are the posters pictured above for UT-Chattanooga's men's and women's basketball teams. Each one presented it's own unique challenges.

The women's poster gave me the challenge of trying to fit 16 players and a new head coach onto the poster, while highlighting the new coach and 6 seniors. To achieve this, I made the 10 background players smaller and put a bit of a color overlay on them to try and establish as much depth as I could between the two levels of players with the amount of space I had to work with.  I then tweaked the photos of the 6 seniors and head coach to be a little brighter with a higher contrast as well. I then put a little spotlight behind them to help them pop off the page a little bit.

The men's poster probably posed the greatest challenge I've ever had in putting together a schedule poster. The team's theme for the season is "Chaos" and so they wanted a chaotic background going on around their players, while focusing on the three in front and their new head coach as well. To give me the ability to create a couple levels of chaos, I created a little depth by laying out the players in 3 rows with the players in the back 2 rows being smaller than the front. I then went through several dozen fractal brushes, blending, resizing, and mixing their shapes to create the web of light basically exploding throughout the poster. In the end, I came out with the exact look they were hoping for and I was very pleased as well at tackling this challenge with such success.

Both posters were a blast to work on, and here's hoping both teams go on to successful seasons!

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