Monday, November 15, 2010

Early Sketches for Skates and Skirts Logo

These are two concepts I have come up with for a logo for the Knoxville Ice Bears Skates and Skirts club. It is a women's club recently created by the Ice Bears and I really wanted to take on the challenge of creating a logo for hockey that women would like. The top image is a stylized version of a female grizzly bear who's whispy outline morphs into a hockey stick at the bottom. I thought it would be cool to have the "Skates and Skirts" text start in the gap between the hockey stick and the bottom of the grizzly's mouth. The 2nd one was one I came up with after looking at a bunch of women's hockey logos. It's my adaptation of the stylized outline again, as it seems to work well for this line of logo design. And yes, those are colored pencils you see used there. I just wanted to get a quick feel of how the Ice Bears color scheme could work with these ideas. Again, it is early in the process, and next I will be seeing if these logos work well with text intertwined with them.

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