Friday, November 12, 2010

Visual Essay 2 Progress

Here are 4 images from my 2nd Visual Essay. This essay deals with the current scandals surrounding amateurism in the NCAA. The top image is one basically defining amateurism visually as a process by which the players for these colleges generate tons of revenue for them but don't get to reap any of the benefits. The 2nd image is one commenting on one way schools are combating agents trying to attract players in college by banning them practices. Therefore I turned the gym into a club scene and the agent isn't on the list. The third image centers around the idea of "runners" or "freelancers" as they are called shopping players around to agents. Therefore, I turned the players into product, and a runner into a salesman. The 4th comments on the dilemma most star athletes are faced with in college. Surrounded by piles of debt (an average of $2,591 a year, and that's with a full scholarship) the temptation to take money from an agent is very provacative. Feedback is welcome on these images, and in light of the recent (as in the last week) developments of the Cam Newton case, and seeing as he is the front-runner for the Heisman right now, I think I would like to do a 5th piece on that story.

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