Thursday, November 11, 2010

New NPDA Sketches

So I went to the public library, grabbed a couple books on the history of playing cards, checked 'em out, took 'em home, plopped myself down, and looked at design after design. Here are a few sketches I came up with after perusing these fine pieces of literature (chock full of really nice images as well).

The top left one has Roman numerals for the "2011-12" part that has to be in it. I got that idea from an 1848 deck from Vienna. I flipped the NPDA logo halfway to mimic how a card is reflected, and all is incased inside a close up of a king's robe with suit designs as pattern on the frilly stuff. The hard-edged suit signs were spawned from a Russian deck I looked at.

The top right one is modeled after 15th century French design of showing a full version of a jack, king or queen standing to the side of the card with pattern all over the frill.

The third one is based off a modern design I looked at. I decided to make it king and queen just to cover both genders. I think the way the title reads could use some work, but I liked using the little twirls and simple wavy lines as hair.

And to be truly honest, I have no idea where the 4th design came from. I just started drawing and that's what happened.

Any feedback and stuff that is working/isn't would be great.

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