Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tennessee Smokies Promotions Graphics

The Tennessee Smokies just released their promotions schedule for the 2013 season and along with it came a couple graphics I created for the release. Part One of the release centered around the team's year-long promotions (Dollar Dog Nights, Fireworks Fridays, etc.). Since the fireworks are a huge draw I wanted to use them as a backdrop in this graphic. I also thought the sunburst idea would be a cool idea to incorporate as it echoes circus tents, state fairs, etc.--all places people go to get away for a little while and have a little fun. I kept the font on "Promotions" loose as well to go with that theme.

On Part Two of the release I stuck with the sunburst design and an old-timey font to keep with the having fun/"Kids Can Play" (the team's season slogan) theme. With the Gold Glove bobblehead giveaways being the main attractions this year, I used their images as little teases at the top. With them just peeking over the top of the title, it references that there will be a giveaway but at the same time doesn't let you know exactly who will be featured. Thus, you have to click through to the article to find out (the whole point in the first place!).

It was great fun creating these images and hopefully we will have packed stands for all of our promotions this season!

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